"As I Am" music video | Director of Photography

Artist: Suri

Director: Emily Barber

"ME AND MARCY" (teaser) | Writer & Director

A young woman explores herself through the eyes of someone else's past.

*Official Selection - Oceanside International Film Festival 2017


"UNBREAKABLE POCKET COMB" - The Nurse Novels | Director of Photography

Director: Justin Tvedt

Imaginative sets and forced perspective photography create a surreal state for this brilliant video. The video premiered at the Midwest International Film Festival in 2014 and was nominated for Best Music video.

MAHAL - (trailer) | Director of Photography

Directed by Jay Espano

Arthur just wants one more moment with this wife suffering from Alzheimer's. 

*WINNER OF THE DIAMOND AWARD at the California Film Awards

BRIE CAN DO IT - web series | Writer & Director

Brie tries everything in her power to not get a real job.

Director's Cut International Film Festival Semi-Finalist


A Soloist - short film (scene) | Director of Photography

Directed by Chuntanay Phillips

A dark comedy loosely based on A Tell Tale Heart.

"BANDZ" - Jargon featuring Josh K. x Rima | Director & Cinematographer

"CHICAGO" - Jargon | Director & Cinematographer