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Tony graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2005 where he studied film with a concentration in Cinematography. Through Tony's experiences he has been able to obtain a well developed balance of both the impact & motivation of lighting techniques as well as the delicate, subtle intricacies of camera work. Tony has worked in a variety of roles on everything from narrative shorts and features, music videos, comedy sketches, web series,  and national commercials.


Tony's expereince landed him a position as Cinema Studio Coordinator and Adjunct Professor at Columbia College of Chicago.


Ultimately, it is his creative eye, excellent teamwork, personality, & masterful ability to tell a story through motion picture that make him well sought out by many other creative & ambitious filmmakers.


Tony currently lives in Chicago with his wife, Director Emily Barber. His passions outside of film include Ravens (both the bird and the football team), Prince, and Lady Gaga.

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